Visitor Center Landtag NRW

Landtag NRW

Interactive Exhibition

Hands-on with politics

How do you excite people for political topics and complex subjects?

By making them curious.

We transformed the new visitor center at the German state parlament of Nordrhein-Westfalen into a multimedia experience of a lifetime in cooperation with our partners, Atelier Brückner and focus4.    

An interactive view behind the scenes

A floor-to-ceiling 240° panorama projection, 3D sound design, and eight informative exhibits allowed for more than just a look behind the curtain of state political processes – visitors could get right into it and participate. Because politics matter.    

Information and conversation

The media stations can be lowered into the ground, meaning the visitor center can be used as a unique media forum for any kind of event. The panorama canvas can show customized information during a guided tour. We created several ways in which the guides and moderators can use the technology to make complex issues more easily understandable.    

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Contracting entity | Landtag NRW
Agency | Atelier Brückner
Creative director | Florian Rothenberger
Project management | Isabella Düvelius v. Klass
Direction and editiorial staff | Melanie Müller-Ittstein
Art direction | Florian Gerstner
Motion design | Jessica Stürmer, Florian Dawel
Programming | focus4

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