Creative agency. Media production.


We are visuarte – a young creative agency and media production company from Munich, Germany.

Instead of designing and producing media for simple consumption, our work is something you can experience. We work for international brands, live event agencies and other organizations.

We’re at the nexus of media, spaces, and technology, and we know how to get people excited for brands, products, and services.

Let’s get together and move your audience.

Impulsgeber. Beweger.

Wenn beides aufeinander trifft, entstehen aus Visionen mediale Erlebniswelten.

Ilja Knezovic

Geschäftsführer - Inhaber

Florian Rothenberger

Creative Director - Inhaber

Gregor Kaczmarski

Production Manager

Melanie Müller-Ittstein

Director - Conception

Florian Gerstner

Art Director - Motion Design

Christiane Goppert

Art Director - Motion Design

Andreas Groß

Interactive Experience Design

Patricia Sprenger

Motion Design

Martina Kamm



Brand Spaces

Medienbespielungen sind das i-Tüpfelchen auf jedem Event, aber nur die Spitze des Eisberges. Wir beraten, konzipieren, produzieren und betreuen vor Ort — am besten holt man uns direkt zu Konzeptionsbeginn ins Boot.

Media installations

Our interactive exhibits and installations allow you to reach your target audience through fun and games rather than drab presentations.

Stories that move you

Film production meets creative agency — corporate thinking fused into moving images. Every step of the way, from initial brainstorm to final release.

Explainer Videos Myopia

Carl Zeiss Vision International

Branded Content

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Immersive 360° environments

3D is easy, anyone can do 3D. But we can do 360° Fulldome. Dive in and be fascinated.