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New Visions for Progress

ZEISS is a known pioneer in planetarium technology, which is an excellent reason to make a corporate film that showcases the environment of a planetarium dome. “Visions for the World” takes the viewer on a journey into a new dimension of experiencing film. Elaborate 3D animations, a 360° projection surface and a domed ceiling give the most realistic impression of diving into the visual microcosms and macrocosms that ZEISS has to offer. After going on this adventure, you will understand how Carl Zeiss AG is paving the road for future success.    


Our 360° dome projection was awarded the intermedia-globe SILVER award in the corporate films category at WorldMediaFestival 2012.

We would like to thank our long-time client ZEISS for allowing us to go on this journey with them. 

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Florian Rothenberger, Gudrun Vogel (Press Spokeswoman Carl Zeiss Jena), Melanie Müller-Ittstein, Wilfried Lang (General Manager Planetariums)


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