ZEISS Fulldome Show "Light"

Carl Zeiss AG

Immersive 360° Planetarium Show

A new way to look at light

 In 2015, UNESCO celebrated the International Year of Light. For the event that officially launched the celebrations in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, we created a 7-minute fulldome show for ZEISS. This immersive, 360° infotainment film showcased the many facets of light and how it can be put to use.     


Our dome projection didn’t just wow planetarium visitors all over the world, which would be enough reward in and of itself – we also won Gold twice at the 6th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, and one more Gold and a Grand Award at the World Media Festival. This obviously makes us very, very proud – after all, 360° fulldome isn’t just a skill you pick up in a couple of weeks.    

fulldome, kuppelprojektion, winner, gold, cannes corporate media & tv award, grand award, world media festival, carl zeiss ag, munich, muenchen, visuarte Florian Rothenberger, Melanie Müller-Ittstein
Awards Melanie Müller-Ittstein, Florian Gerstner, Florian Rothenberger, Jessica Stürmer, Florian Dawel
Fulldome Impressions © Carl Zeiss AG
Fulldome Impressions © Carl Zeiss AG
fulldome, kuppelprojektion, immersive,  360°, unesco, infotainment, carl zeiss ag, deutsches museum, munich, muenchen, visuarte © Carl Zeiss AG

Fulldome Impressions



Client | Carl Zeiss AG
Director | Melanie Müller-Ittstein
Creative director | Florian Rothenberger
Motion design | Jessica Stürmer, Florian Dawel, Florian Gerstner, Marcel März 

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