Telefónica Day One

Telefónica Germany

Interactive Mixed Reality Live-Show in Munich’s Olympic Hall


We are one Team!

What was O2 and HanseNet yesterday is now Telefónica Germany. How do you get over 5,000 employees exited to work for a new corporation?

It’s simple: Make Munich’s Olympic Hall your venue, install a floor projection 750 square meters in size (over 8,000 square feet), and stage the probably largest interactive game of Pong the world has ever seen.

*mic drop*    


We enjoy recognition for our crazy ideas as much as anyone. Our humungous video-pong-frenzy received a Silver EVA Award in the “Employee Events” category as well as an Art Directors Club award.

Many thanks to the jury and, of course, our partners at Zibert+Friends, Limelight, and Stockwerk 1 – we created something great here!    

Event CI

visuarte can turn even the biggest event venue into an environment where, instead of simply consuming it, media can be lived and experienced. But our services don’t stop there: In this case, we created the entire event CI, including, but not limited to, animated logos.     


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Client | Telefónica Germany 
Agency | Zibert + Friends 

Our services

| Media concept
| Event design
| Technical consulting
| Production
| On-site support